Meet the Team


Alexia Mehrtens

Managing Director
Christchurch Laboratory

Alexia has been with EIAG since its inception. Over her 5 years with the company Alexia has spent time up and down the country performing asbestos surveys, offering consultancy advice and clearance procedures.
Alexia holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Psychology, her Asbestos Assessors Licence, has completed the W504 and is an IANZ KTP approved for air sampling and fibre counting.
In her spare time, Alexia enjoys riding her horses, both in competitions and for fun.


Jessica Campbell

Laboratory Quality Manager 
Christchurch Laboratory

Jessica has been with EIAG since the company’s inception. As Laboratory and Quality Manger, Jessica oversees the daily running of the Christchurch laboratory and manages the company’s quality system, ensuring IANZ accreditation status is being maintained. 
After studying for her BSc in Geology and Geography at University of Canterbury, Jessica has since gained IANZ KTP status in asbestos bulk identification, fibre counting and air monitoring and has obtained her certificate for the W504 – Asbestos and Other Fibres course. 
Jessica enjoys to travel, cook, read and crochet in her spare time – when she’s not running around after her gorgeous one year old.

stuart EIAG Staff 2018

Stuart Buck

Area Laboratory Manager
Wellington Laboratory

Stuart started working in the environmental monitoring / consulting industry in 2008, he has been involved in projects ranging from residential private projects to public contaminated land projects of 50km2. He has worked in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.
Stuart has a bachelor in Science, majoring in Environmental Science and has experience in environmental consulting, environmental monitoring, contaminated land, occupational hygiene, and environmental compliance. He is an IANZ accredited KTP for asbestos identification and asbestos fibre counting.
Stuarts hobbies include snowboarding, mountain biking and body boarding.

Belinda EIAG Staff 2018

Belinda Hughes

Laboratory Technician / Field Technician 
Christchurch Laboratory

Belinda started with EIAG after completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science at the University of Canterbury. She has since gained IANZ KTP status in fibre counting, air monitoring and bulk asbestos identification. 
In early 2018 Belinda gained her Asbestos Assessors Licence and is enjoying getting out into the field to do air monitoring and clearance work. 
Belinda’s hobbies include mountain biking, tramping and caring for her aviary of chattering budgies.

Bridgitt EIAG Staff 2018

Brigitt White

Laboratory Technician
Christchurch Laboratory

Brigitt joined the EIAG team in October 2016 and is a KTP in fibre counting and fibre identification. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Geology and her areas of expertise are petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry.
Geology is also a passion and her love of learning about the way everything works, astronomical to minute, utilising physics and chemistry, did not stop with university studies and continues in her spare time.
Brigitt also enjoys the arts, practicing drawing and playing bass in a local band.


Hannah Collier

Asbestos Laboratory Assistant
Wellington Laboratory

Hannah is a 2018 graduate from Victoria University, majoring in Geology and Physical Geography. Her interest in geology comes from her love of the outdoors and obvious love of rocks. She is the newest member of our Wellington team and is learning on the job.
Outside of work Hannah enjoys hiking, camping and sailing on the harbour.


Holly Eeg

Laboratory Technician / Field Technician
Christchurch Laboratory

Holly is a graduate in Earth Sciences and Anthropology from California State University, Fullerton. She studied paleoclimatology, archaeology and museum curation before moving to New Zealand and studying geology at the University of Canterbury.
Holly has recently taken her IP402 course and passed her first round of PTAs to assess her asbestos fibre identification proficiency.
When not at work, Holly enjoys playing the clarinet in the Christchurch Garden City Orchestra or undertaking one of New Zealand’s great walks with her partner.

Jane Pankurst EIAG Staff 2018

Jane Pankurst

Field Technician / Administrator
Christchurch Laboratory

Jane studied a Bachelor of Applied Science at Otago University before spending 3 years abroad, she brings a dynamic set of organisational and practical skills to EIAG’s work force. Jane is a Laboratory and Field Assistant, but she is also one of EIAG’s key administrators.
Jane immensely enjoys skiing and many other outdoor activities.

Tamiko EIAG Staff 2018

Tamiko Watson

Laboratory Technician
Christchurch Laboratory

Tamiko (Tank) is the newest member of our Christchurch team, she is an administrator / laboratory assistant.
Tamiko received her BSc in Geology from the University of Canterbury in 2015 and in March 2018 she handed in her master’s thesis in Geology.
Outside work Tamiko enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

Tessa EIAG Staff 2018

Tessa Cai Halmshaw

Area Operations Manager
Wellington Laboratory

Tess has been in the construction industry for eight years, six of these being in asbestos removal, she was working for a Christchurch removal firm when EIAG first started and remembers when the lab was much smaller.
Tess moved to Wellington in 2016 to work for a local asbestos removal firm and has recently taken a new position at EIAG’s Wellington laboratory, which she is immensely enjoying. Although Tess is comfortable onsite in steel caps, her strengths lay in the office, where her slight OCD comes in very handy with filing systems and report writing.
Tess spends the majority of her spare time with her head in a book or five with her two puppies at her side.